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The line has a long and established history behind it. The first Leica models came out in the 1920’s and were 35 mm cameras. The first digital cameras from the company were introduced in 1994.

What are the top models from Leica digital cameras?

The German firm has a number of digital cameras on the market, and three of the company’s top models are the D-Lux 4, V-Lux 20, and the C-Lux 3. Each of these cameras will be discussed in detail below.

What should you know about the D-Lux 4?

To begin, the D-Lux 4 is very compact and can thus be taken anywhere. However, despite its compact size, it offers the kinds of quality that Leica is known for, and it also provides those taking pictures with a lot of artistic freedom.

It is ideal for a spontaneous picture or for a photo planned way in advance. Some of its key features are the sharp color it produces, its Leica branded lens, the great depth of control that the camera provides, and the superior quality of its images.

Based on several third party reviews, it is the most affordable camera with the features that each photographer is looking for.

What should you know about V-Lux 20?

The V-Lux 20 is yet another top Leica digital camera. It supports a 12 X zoom lens, which provides photographers with the ability to capture moments in numerous situations.

It also has a lot of automated functions, a focal range that goes up to three hundred mm, an optional manual setting of shutter speeds, video functions, and even optional GPS image tagging.

It is a small camera with many advanced features. For this camera, you should invest a bit more than the previous model as it has more features. But, have you ever thought about buying a used Leica camera?

Then, what should you know about C-Lux 3?

Last but not least, there is the Leica C-Lux 3 model. It is a very fashionable camera that is tiny, elegant, and slim. It comes in a black and white high gloss finish.

Some of its key features are its white balance customizing, a superior white balance, a quick and accurate focus, great optics, and a 5 X optical zoom.

What are my last words for you?

In conclusion, Leica is company known for the superior quality of its cameras. Some of its top digital models are the D-Lux 4, D-Lux 20, and the C-Lux 3 cameras. Each of these compact cameras has unique features and superior functions.

In other words, photo Leica is worthwhile to think of. However, you should search well and make a list of the features that you like to have. This way, you will target the best fit model and save your hard earned money, when you shop for a Leica digital camera.