Penis Enlargement News

Before you opt to buy male enhancement products, you should know how they work. Indeed, the idea behind increasing the penis size is to increase the blood flow. Then, when the erectile tissue engorges with the blood, an increase in your penis size is going to be achieved. Hence, as scientifically believed, you will have a better time during your sex course, thanks to your enlarged penis.  

Male enhancementYou may ask yourself, if it is healthy to let more blood flow in the tissues. The answer is yes. Specifically, it has been shown that tissues can afford more blood to flow through them. In all cases, if you like to ignore the long list of supplements, you may opt for herbal treatments.  

Before we go on, you may like to hear the answer for the question: Do male enhancement products work? Yes, they work with side effects, which you may not afford. Hence, opting for herbal methods is definitely better. In the few lines below, you will find 3 killer exercises that will help you increase your penis size by 2-4 inches.   

Exercise (1): The Milking Exercise

First, it is called the milking penis enlargement exercise because of the exercise motion being used. With the use of the thumb and forefinger, the grip creates pressure to the erectile tissue and carrying more blood towards it. As a result, the desired enlargement is going to be achieved.

Exercise (2): Weight Hanging:

Have you ever thought about natural enlargement exercises using weights? If it is done right, you will help increase your penis size via applying a sustained tension to the cells in the penis and, as a result, causing an increase in the mass tissues.  

Exercise (3): Physical penis enlargement extender:

With an outward motion, stretch the head for 5-7 seconds then grip it with firm to the right side. Next, bring it to left, downwards, and then finally upwards. All actions should be done for 5-6 seconds. Make this exercise at least 10 -12 times per day for better results.

Experts in male health confirm that there is no medicine without side effects, even male enhancement pills, male breast enhancement products, etc. The question is how your body will react to these products. So, to be on the safe side, avoid all these chemicals and opt better for herbal methods.

In all cases, it is highly recommended to check independent reviews to see what others say about this or that product. This will help in avoiding others mistakes and shortening your learning curve.