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artsDo you know that the best way to learn piano is to play piano songs. To be a complete player, you must attack the world and do it yourself. It is like swimming, which you can never learn in case you are always on the beach.

What is the problem here?

Are you looking to play songs on the piano, but you do not know where to start? Then here are 3 tips on how to start when you are a beginner.

Tip 1: Learn how to read sheet music:

The first thing you will need to learn in order to play piano songs is learn how to read sheet music. Reading sheet music may look daunting at first, but with time and patience you can easily learn the skills in what each note represents and how to play it.

In this manner, I have one recommendation for you. When you opt for playing piano lessons, this should be one of the criteria to select your next school. Opt for a school that offers a rich guide about how to read a music sheet the easiest way.

Tip 2: Start with easy songs:

The next suggestion would be to pick a song that is not too difficult to start off with. If you pick a hard song, then you will have difficulty in learning it especially being a beginner to the piano.

So, always make sure that you pick an easy one to start off with. Remember you can always move to harder songs when you get the hang of things. In this context, I would advise you to search online for keyboard music for beginners. The songs there are really adequate for beginners. They are short, simple, and easy to start with.

Tip 3: Keep playing even after the first mistake:

When you are playing, it is important to keep playing even if you made a mistake. If you stop and continue to go back to the beginning of the song, you may never be able to play the song properly. And this is not the easy way to learn piano.